As I said before, I bricked my Garminfone and traded it in for another phone. T-Mobile offered me an early exchange for a cheap Android device(their cheapest, mind you.). While adding an additional two years to my contract. For the cost of that, what did I get? a T Mobile COMET. Now, if it wasn't for the incredibly small display, or the fact that it was a REFURBISHED phone, it would have actually been a decent trade. But it's not worth another two years and a reset of your upgrade time.

Complete bullshit.

So, I switched to Sprint. The only downside is I had to make a deposit(100 per line.) and my wife and I got two new FREE Nexus S 4G's at Best Buy! That sounds like an advertisement...

So far, I'm glad I switched. All I can say for now is that it's cheaper, we'll be saving around $70.00 a month with Sprint for our phones. If I come up with anything bad to say about Sprint, I'll surely post it here.